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Bender is a boutique practice specializing in Pain Relief, Neurosciences, and overall wellness. We do things a bit differently at Bender; the Bender team uses an honest and unique approach to Chiropractic treatments, mixing science, passion and precision to ensure that we enhance our clients health.


D.C., C.C.S.P.

Dr. Bender is a chiropractor that values movement above all else. With a primary focus on how the brain influneces biomechanics, he takes a deliberate approach to increasing mobility in every joint of the body through chiropractic adjustments, flexion-distraction therapy, therapeutic exercises and various types of soft tissue therapy. Patients will achieve increased mobility quickly, allowing their treatment plan to also focus on holding those corrections in place by training core stability, improving ergonomics, and perfecting standing and sitting posture.

Dr. Bender holds the distinction of being a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician. His training in sports medicine helps him to teach athletes to use their body in a way that lowers the risk of injury and increases their performance. For athletes that find Dr. Bender after injury has occurred, his skills in eliminating joint restriction, releasing tension from muscles and removing scar tissue are imperative in reducing time to heal and eliminating any lingering problems from that particular injury.

Visits in his office are generally more comprehensive than with most other physicians, and he always gives patients the time they need to get a complete adjustment, soft tissue therapy, and training on how to correct posture and poor movement habits.



As a high-level athlete most of her upbringing, Davis struggled with common sports injuries that lingered through the years, despite regular chiropractic visits and massages. In addition to old injuries, Kaitlin also experienced a head injury prior to college which resulted in memory issues, brain fog, and overall internal gut dysfunction.

Forward to graduating Cum Laude from UF in 2013 with a dual degree in Microbiology and Cell Science, and Psychology. Kaitlin began her studies as a chiropractic student in 2014 at Life University in Marietta, Georgia, where she quickly discovered her love for Functional Neurology.

Making it her mission to help athletes like herself while exploring different fields of chiropractic care, she discovered Z-Health, a movement-based neurological therapy that helps with athletic enhancement, as well as injury recovery.